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I will be candid with you and will require your assistance in the entire divorce process. This is a team sport…these are reasons to consider the law office of Joan-Marie Sullivan.

So as you view this video and it explains variables of Divorce to consider, as it presents the Divorce Process, I hope you begin to arm yourself with questions to consider when we meet and as you begin your process to “hire and attorney” and you are indeed hiring an attorney. You are writing the check..I work for you…I am your legal counsel.

I would hope I am one you consider in your evaluation process of attorneys and encourage you to interview others and remember this… the Divorce Decree is a document, which the Judge will issue at the conclusion of our Divorce Hearing Process and it is a document you live with for the rest of your life…it is best to get it “right” the first time for there is no “do over” and divorce appeals (see our “Divorce Appeal Outline” under the Divorce Process tab) …are a tough legal challenge and another process we must endure.

What do I Do If I Am Facing a Divorce?

Joan Marie talks about what to do when facing the troubles of divorce.

Why Joan Marie Law...The Divorce Process Overview

Upon viewing the video we will address topics such as “Blind and Ignorant” which is why you hire me as your legal counsel for no one gets married and plans for divorce or attends a class at any point in our life on “how to divorce”. The Divorce Decree is the end game of a divorce process and it WILL be with you for the remainder of YOUR LIFE. So Why Joan-Marie as your Divorce Attorney…I have taken the classes and with 27 years of experience there is little I have not dealt with in the court of law.

Joan Marie Sullivan Talks about Divorce Law in Alabama

Everything you wanted to know about the Divorce Process and was afraid to ask is in this 58 minute video…I only wish it were this simplistic. If you have not viewed our “Divorce Process” tab, please do so after viewing this video. If you have, then you may find the video more beneficial as we will reference some of the videos.